After graduating from law school, I spent more than 15 years representing and vigorously defending some of the country’s largest auto insurance companies. Most recently, I was the lead attorney working for an “on your side” insurance company in its defense of thousands of personal injury auto insurance claims across the State of Florida. I know the tactics used by the insurance companies because I developed many of those tactics and taught them to the insurance companies. Now I put that unique and specialized knowledge to work on behalf of consumers who have not received the insurance benefits from their own insurance companies to which they are entitled, and for which they have paid.

As a child, my grandmother taught me through her example that there is no greater reward, or more humbling experience, than helping others in their time of need. It is a lesson that I now hope to teach my children through my example. I am proud of my association with Simoes Davila and I am thankful for the opportunities that it provides to me to help my neighbors in this community through difficult times. I would be honored to help you, and I invite you to call me at (386) 222-1111 or email me at