Florida Hurricane Damage Claims

In 2017, over 850,000 property damage claims were filed in Florida due to Hurricane Irma. Data from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation show that almost 75% of the claims filed have been closed. However, many property owners have not yet filed a claim, and of those who have, many are dissatisfied with the results.

If you’re one of the Florida residents who has not yet filed or who is dissatisfied with the way your insurance company is handling your claim, now is the time to act. At Simoes Davila Law, we’re dedicated to helping you get compensated fairly for all damages to your property from Hurricane Irma.

Filing a Hurricane Damage Claim

When you file a claim with your insurance company, you should be as thorough as possible. Pictures of the damage, if you took them, as well as a complete list of missing or damaged items, with dates of purchase, purchase prices, and manufacturers’ names can be very helpful.

Your pictures and list will be especially helpful when the insurance company adjuster comes to assess the damage you reported. Additionally, if your insurance company does not compensate you fairly for all of the damage, your documentation will help your insurance attorney prepare your case.

Getting the Help You Need to Deal with Insurance Companies

Filing a claim and dealing with adjustors can be frustrating, and, unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of the process required to get compensated for your damages. You’ll need to stay in touch with your insurance company to make sure they are processing your claim and listen carefully to their explanation of any issues that arise.

As a policy owner, you need to understand your rights and be able to get the payment you deserve. However, often, insurance companies will try to deny or limit your payment, using your deductible, type of coverage, or numerous other reasons to not cover your repair or replacement costs.

The experienced insurance attorneys at Simoes Davila can help you handle this difficult, frustrating process. We are used to dealing with insurance companies and understand how they operate. We know how to get them to act on your claim and compensate you fairly for the damages you’ve experienced.

Call the Florida Insurance Attorneys at Simoes Davila

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