Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

When you are walking somewhere, you expect drivers to be following safety rules and regulations, driving carefully, and being aware of their surroundings.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  This is especially true in Florida, where we lead the country in the number of accidents involving pedestrians and in the number of peopled killed in pedestrian accidents.

If you or a family member has been injured while walking, the experienced pedestrian accident attorneys at Simoes Davila can help you understand your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve.


Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Volusia County

Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in Volusia County, with over 250 occurring each year.  The unfortunate victims of these pedestrian accidents usually have very serious and permanent injuries that require expensive medical treatment and care.

If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident, you might not be able to work for a while, or might not be able to work in the same capacity you did prior to the accident.  Your quality of life and emotional state might suffer.  Your family might also suffer from the loss of your support and companionship.

If you’re experiencing problems like these, you are not alone.  At Simoes Davila, we want to help you through the hard times.  We understand the pain, suffering, and loss a serious pedestrian accident injury can cause and want to help you get compensated fairly.


Your Volusia County Pedestrian Accident Case

As your pedestrian accident attorneys, we will prepare your case very carefully to help you get compensated fairly for your injuries, pain, suffering, and loss.  We will gather the evidence to show that you were injured because the driver involved in the accident broke a driving rule and/or was more careless than an average reasonable driver would have been.  We’ll advise you on your best course of action, handle insurance company issues and negotiations, and build the strongest case possible.

We could end up settling out of court, or we could go to trial.  In either case, we will put our skill and experience as negotiators and litigators to work fighting for you.


Get Help from an Experienced, Knowledgeable Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian accidents can be especially upsetting because they typically result in more serious injuries than automobile accidents, and walkers might not have sufficient insurance to pay for their necessary medical care.  If you’ve been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, we want to help you.

The experienced, knowledgeable attorneys at Simoes Davila have been helping accident victims in Volusia County and Central Florida for over twenty years.  We’ve recovered millions for our clients and can help you get the compensation you need to cover your medical and rehabilitative expenses and pay for your pain and suffering.

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