Legal Recourse for People Assaulted on Someone Else’s Property in Volusia County

If you or a family member has been assaulted on private or public property, and if inadequate security made the assault possible, you may be able to file a negligent security lawsuit against the property owner and get compensated for damages.

Following the assault, you could be feeling emotional distress and anxiety to the point that contacting an attorney about your case seems overwhelming or hopeless.  At Simoes Davila, we understand these feelings but hope you understand that we can help you get justice and the compensation you deserve.

Property owners have a legal duty to ensure that their property does not provide an undue danger to the physical well-being of people who visit their property for business or social purposes.  If they have neglected their duty and you have been assaulted and injured on their property because of poor security conditions, the experienced negligent security attorneys at Simoes Davila can help you hold the property owner responsible for his negligence.

Negligent Security Lawsuits

Negligent security cases are based on the belief that property owners have a legal duty to ensure the safety and security of their property.  If an owner fails in this duty by allowing unsafe conditions, such as inadequate lighting, broken locks, inadequate security guards, or lack of other security measures, and someone is raped, battered or killed while a customer, patron, or guest on their property, then the owner can be held liable for negligent security.

What constitutes adequate security varies from case to case and state to state. For example, in Florida, if convenience store owners have a working security system and a sign saying the cash register contains less than $50, and they use a drop safe, their safety precautions are considered adequate, and they cannot be held liable for third party criminal attacks that occur in their stores.

At Simoes Davila, our experienced negligent security attorneys understand the laws regarding liability and the special nuances of each case.  We gather the evidence necessary to show that the property owner should have been aware of the danger facing visitors to his property but failed to make the property safer or provide adequate warnings so visitors could avoid harm. We aggressively litigate cases, showing that our client was hurt and incurred actual damages because of a third party’s acts that the property owner could have reasonably foreseen and prevented.

Compensation for Negligent Security Damages

In general, injuries sustained from violent crimes, such as robbery, assault, battery, or rape, which are committed on property with negligent security, are very serious.   The victims may be left with permanent physical and emotional problems, including disfigurement, physical disabilities, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Suing the property owner will not undo the crime or charge the criminal with committing it. However, if you’ve been seriously injured by a violent criminal act committed on someone else’s property with negligent security, a lawsuit can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve for the damages and losses you’ve experienced.  These damages and losses can include medical expenses and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Choose Experienced Attorneys Who Will Give Your Negligent Security Case the Attention It Deserves

The experienced attorneys at Simoes Davila understand the trauma and devastation that come from being the victim of a violent crime and want to help you get compensated fairly for your suffering, losses, and expenses.

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