DeLand, Daytona Beach and Volusia County Restoration Claims

If your home in Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia County has been damaged from a flood or fire, sewage backup, or other catastrophe, you need immediate help to handle the emergency cleanup situation and prevent further damage.  Emergency disaster response and restoration companies can help, but after the initial work is done, you and the company could face a different set of problems. We can help resolve them.


Restoration Claim Problems

When your home has been seriously damaged by water, fire, smoke, mold, or debris, you usually cannot afford to wait for your insurance company to go through the process of determining and issuing payment.  You need to deal immediately with the problem to prevent further damage and get on with your life.

Some homeowners pay out-of-pocket for the necessary emergency repair work, expecting reimbursement from their insurance companies.  Often, however, they can’t afford to pay for the work without the help of their insurance benefits.  Their insurance companies may, then, allow them to assign their benefits to the disaster response or restoration company they hire.  In fact, their insurance adjuster or claim representative may actually call or recommend a company with whom they typically work.

In cases like this, issues arise when the insurance company decides to limit the benefits available or deny the claim for work already done; the work done is sub-par and your insurance company will not pay for the necessary additional work; or, worse yet, because the work done is sub-par, your home is damaged further, and your insurance won’t cover the subsequent damage.


When You Need a Florida Restoration Claims Attorney

If your property has been damaged and you need help understanding your rights and responsibilities regarding your ability to assign benefits, contact the experienced restoration claims attorneys at Simoes Davila.  We can help you file your restoration claim and get compensated fairly for necessary emergency cleanup and repair work.

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and they can try to pay you less than you deserve or not at all for damage to your home.  To make sure you get the compensation you deserve, it is important to get help from an experienced restoration claims attorney.

At Simoes Davila, we understand how important it is to obtain prompt payment after your home has been seriously damaged.  We will help you navigate the complicated claims process and work diligently to make sure you get compensated fully and fairly.


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