DeLand, Daytona Beach and Volusia County Water Damage Claims

Water damage can occur due to a leaking roof, malfunctioning appliance, burst pipe, or natural disaster.  Whatever the cause, you need to repair the damage and prevent further problems.  Unfortunately, your insurance company might very well deny your claim.  We can help fight for your rights.


Insurance Companies and Water Damage Claims

When you file a water damage claim with your insurance company, you need to be very clear about the cause and extent of the damage.  Your policy might not cover all types of water damage, and the company could deny your claim if you do not clearly show that the damage occurred due to a covered cause.

Typically, if damage is caused by water that has been on the ground, your homeowner’s policy will not cover the damage because it is considered flood damage.  Homeowners in Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia County need separate flood insurance policies to cover flood damage.

Also, if water in your home leads to additional problems, such as mold, decay, ruined appliances or other items, and structural damage, your insurance policy might not cover repair or replacement costs.  In such cases, seeking the help of a homeowners’ insurance attorney with experience in handling water damage claims cases is crucial to getting the insurance benefits you need.


Experienced Attorneys Will Fight for Your Rights as a Policyholder

When your property has been damaged by water, you need prompt assistance to make the necessary repairs and prevent further damage.  If your insurance company doesn’t move quickly to approve payment for the necessary work, you could end up with a much bigger problem, such as mold or structural damage to your home.

If this occurs, or if your insurance company denies payment for the initial or subsequent damage, we can help you obtain the payment you need to make the necessary repairs.  The attorneys at Simoes Davila are experienced litigators who will fight for your rights as an insurance policyholder.

At Simoes Davila, we know how important it is to get compensated for water damage to your home. We also know how insurance companies, adjustors, and policies work and will help you complete the complicated claims process successfully and then work diligently to make sure you get compensated fully and fairly.


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